24Nov 2015

Regeneron Limerick have added to there existing Tripwire entrance control speedgates with an additional bank of 2 speedgates. The original set of speedgate lanes and automatic gate have been in operation for several months and have been further enhanced by the new speedgates in 2nd location

21Feb 2016

Tripwire were entrusted with securing access to the Sulzer in Wexford. The Wexford factory manufactures products for municipal wastewater collection and treatment, concentrating on rotating equipment. The project involved controlling entry and exit to site with automatic barriers controlled by long range readers for staff and security staff for visitors, 2 Full Height Turnstiles, 4 […]

22Feb 2016

Tripwire were entrusted with securing contractor access inside¬†the new Google Datacenter in Dublin. The building is currently under construction with hundreds of building contractors on site. The project involved supplying and installing 5 full height single turnstiles internally which controlled entry and exit to 5 different areas of the building for contractor access. We worked […]